Tuesday, November 13, 2012

shoplift a thought or two

Thank you for the nice comments on my birthday-post! I had a really nice weekend with family and friends, food and beautiful and sweet presents. So I welcome the new year!

And because of this I didn't had much time to draw, so today I show you a page of my "collecting-words-and-sentences-sketchbook". I collect sentences I read from newpapers, magazines, books and songtext. I love words, I'm just really bad in using them myself (that's why I draw;-), so I collect them and shuffle them an create new ones I use for the titles of my works. On the right page you can see my interest for woman's right or problem's...


  1. Celine, I lovexthe idea of collecting words /sentences - great way to title your art. - sus (I agree with the statement about opposite by the way!)

  2. ich finde es ganz toll, worte und sätze zu sammeln! ich schreib mir manchmal zitate auf, die mir gefallen - aber ein word-sentences-sketchbook finde ich großartig! dem satz rechts stimme ich zu! ;-) mano

  3. Celine, happy birthday, sorry for me being late.
    Wish you a lot of happiness and arts :*

  4. leuk idee, een woorden en zinnen boekje. 'k Ben zelf ook beter met beelden dan woorden, maar ze kunnen echt inspireren :-)

  5. FABULOUS!!!! (I'm fifty- I can use that word without flinching.) You are wonderful Celine, simply wonderful.


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