Friday, November 2, 2012

dreams in a glass elevator

Yesterday I saw a documentary about ballet-dancers. When I was younger I wanted to be one. Not like a little girls dream, but for real. I danced and practised a lot. I didn't want to be a classic ballarina but I wanted to dance in modern productions. When I was about 16 something in my knee broke and my dream was over. I stopped dancing and even today when I see something on TV I get little melancholy and I wonder... About a year ago my sister asked me if I wanted to join her to "zumba" classes. It's not the same and I didn't danced over 14 years but it's even better: we have fun! And I can be fanatical one day a week;-)


  1. A lot of our childhood dreams end up scattered in our memories while we live an adult life we never thought we would. Not everybody gets to experience their dream come true. I am glad you got your Zumba now and that it gave you something different and in a way made up at least partially for the ballerina dream. So go and goof around lol.

  2. Glad you're having fun! I LOVE this illustration.

  3. mooi verhaal en mooie meisjes :-)

  4. great illustrations Celine! i joined zumba classes less then a month ago and i too have a lot of fun (and i promise i have no clue what i am doing!)
    xo sandra

  5. Oh- the Zumba does look like so much fun! Your drawing is fantastic as always- it says so much.
    I suppose not all dreams are meant to be realized- but broken dreams lead you to the next.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. oh, i came two days ago and I saw this post and i google about a french group of dance that i saw a few years ago, they did something called "the apartament" (i think, dont remember exactly) this not was classic dance, they did somethimg rally modern, that i think you could do. Well, i din'nt found nothing about that. but i come again today just to say: This is a wonderful illustration!!!!! :))))

  7. ah good that you accepted! at least, fun one day a week!
    I would love too ... :)
    great design!

  8. eine wunderschöne zeichnung! ich wünsche dir, dass dir zumba (ich sah es im fernsehen und fand es sehr lustig!) weiter viel spaß macht. herzlichst, mano

  9. ik ook!
    ik wilde zoooo graag een ballerina worden
    maar mocht niet op ballet ;^((
    dat heb ik ingehaald toen ik 32 was
    samen met een (mannelijke) vriend hebben we twee jaar
    les gehad van leerlingen van de ballet academie
    en dat was super
    en nopg steeds als ik een voorstelling zie
    wil ik dat ook
    in een volgend leven ;^))



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