Monday, June 6, 2011

from my window view part 2

We had a beautiful week here in the south of the Netherlands, very sunny and hot and only a bit of rain yesterday. So this is the perfect opportunity to post the second part of the garden, as I promised. On the next picture you can see the spot where my rabbit Pollock lives, I guess he was inside his cage when I took the picture.

In part 3 I'll take you behind this small gate...


  1. einfach nur wundervoll. ich liebe solche wilden gärten!!! danke fürs zeigen - ich freu mich darauf hinter das gartentor zu sehen!
    liebe grüße von mano

  2. Ohh, you have so peaceful garden! I can imagine how relaxing it could be to walk there. Maybe one day I come to see you.. Then I'd definitely love to walk in your garden! It reminds me of the book "The Secret Garden" by F. H. Burnett, although I haven't read it. Strange, isn't it!? Keep sharing this kind of photos, so lovely!

  3. You have a very beautiful garden :) really love your garden photo posts!


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