Sunday, August 10, 2014

something personal / blog pause

Maybe you remember that 6 months ago my life changed a bit. I moved in with my boyfriend and we started something new together in a new city. It was hard for us to find a nice place with enough space for us to live and work in. We found a place of which we thought was a good start. Not to grow old in or live longer then 3 or 4 years, but for the beginning is was good.  It turned out to be a living hell. We had a lot of trouble with our neighbors, harassment, insults and it turned out that these houses are very bad isolated in their constructions, so we could hear everything that was going on in this building. People shouting at their children, at each other, breaking stuff. I spear you the details but I can tell you it was bad. So bad that my boyfriend and I got into fights about it until we noticed that we were not the problem but our environment. It was impossible for us to work here with those constant noises and screams.  Our first place should have been something nice, we should get used to each other but it was not nice at all. We started searching for a new place and we found one! Even if this means we have to move again after only 8 months. This new place is beautiful and so quiet and in a nice neighborhood. The only thing is that we have to renovate the attic where we want out work spaces. This is a lot of work but really worth it. On the picture you see old wallpaper that is now on a wall in the attic. It is very dirty (even if it does look nice here) and it has to go… So in the next two months I'll be busy doing that and moving out of this place. I won't be drawing much so this blog will be on hold for a while. I still be posting things on (mostly) Instagram and Facebook. These are both public profiles so even if you are not a "member" you can take a look if you want to see what I'm up to. I hope to see you there and now you know also why there will be hardly comments from me on your blogs. I also try to keep my food blog running.

Hopefully I see you in a while, take care!


  1. Oh, Celine, what a bad experience for you and your boyfriend.
    We have a saying: "There is no bad thing, which do not come something good" (I tried to translate) Maybe this bad experience served for you to find a nice place, new, with new projects.and new spaces. Take it easy!!!!
    OK. see you on FB !!!!
    (I thought this kind of neighbors only existed in my country) :)

  2. Oh dear, that sounds really bad! Hope, you'll find the calm and peace you were looking for, now, in your next home...there's always a new beginning! Good luck (and strong nerves) for your move and renovation! :-)

  3. Best wishes for you in your new setting! Sounds like a great move.

  4. hope you have more luck with your new place x

  5. Good for you guys to get out and start fresh! Here's to a happy house full of joy and love and creativity! xo Carole

  6. I am so glad things turned out this way. You derserve that beautiful new home and it sounds like it will be the perfect spot for you, your love and your art. sending good renovation vibes and a hug. annton

  7. Even een snelle reactie. Heel heel veel succes met de renovatie. Fijn dat jullie toch een plek hebben kunnen vinden waar je beiden, want daar gaat het tenslotte om, een goed gevoel bij hebt. We spreken elkaar weer en toi toi toi

  8. it is exciting though, celine! i am also beginning to wonder what your boyfriend is up to, since you will be creating two work spaces up there? i'm glad you worked out a problem you cannot change indeed, sometimes it takes a while before realising this. well done, the both of you!

    i'm also here on a mission, naturally. the DC {drawing challenges} is back. come and check out our new theme. i do not exactly expect you to tag along, but i wanted to invite you anyway. good luck, lovebirds!!!!!♥

  9. lieve céline,
    ik heb dit bericht wel gelezen maar blijkbaar geen commentaar gegeven
    je verhaal bracht me terug naar de plek waar we woonde voor we hierheen verhuisden
    ons prachtige woning aan het water met een fijn balkon en in Rotterdam
    maar met buren boven ons... brrr... ik liep op mijn tenen letterlijk en figuurlijk
    niet makkelijk met twee kleine kinderen én het was een koopwoning....
    maar, alles komt goed! echt!
    succes met alles en tot later

  10. Good you made the discision to move again! Good luck!!!

  11. zo stil....
    ik mis je en je blogberichten
    ik wilde je vertellen
    dat ik het eindelijk (!!) heb gedaan
    een etsy-winkel openen ;^))


  12. hoi!
    daar ben ik weer
    nu met de vraag om mee te doen
    met de DC, ik ben de host

  13. dear celine, just hoping over to tell you, I miss coming here!

  14. it's no joke when the environment gives you hell. been there, done that, i'm apt to saying, but i don't like the memory either. if it's doing one thing to the both of you, i'm sure, it's sailing through a crisis, because you went looking and found yourselves what it is you want for the both of you. now you know better what you don't want! yey!!
    so sorry to have to say we're starting up DC again, i'm hardly in a position to ask your participation, but since you are one of us, i'm sending you the link. hi stefanie... i'm on a mission, you may want to hop on...! HERE's where we're at.
    ps - and don't you go finding tons ans tons of treasures again, in that attic!!! n♥

    1. erm... nu ben ik écht in de war... dit is een post van 2014... heb jij al die tijd niet meer geblogd? eek, heb ik dat niet door???? damn me... n♥


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