Saturday, September 21, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host is Patrice and her theme is "Maria". And what a challenge it is! At least for me, because I'm not religious. And that is a bit of an understatement because I think it is absolutely not okay the way religions treat woman. They are not equal to men, they are unclean and have nothing to say at all.  I think the problems we have with women's rights are partly because of religions. But that is not the theme, is it? And I could go on and on and on about this;-) So I thought a bit about that poor Maria... who had to give birth to a baby without having sex. They had to make up a story so at least one woman in this world could be clean and holy. But I think she knows what really happened and was not allowed to tell and had to live with that secret.

To see more Maria's, check out the blog of Patrice!
(and I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my Maria drawing, but that is sometimes what art does, isn't it?).


  1. oh I think it is the theme, of cause. Maria is at least one side (beside Magdalena and some others) of goddess who survived - there had been so many strong and powerful goddesses in the older times. very interesting subjects for women on there way...
    haha and I love your funny drawing, red and black - I read somewhere this combinations means: a woman who dresses in these colors means she wants to have sex.
    Maria forever!
    x Stefanie

  2. i think you are hitting a nail on the head, celine. i've never believed maria or anyone is immaculate in that respect, so catholicism? no, thanks.
    maria as a statement however is beguiling to say the least. and iconographically she's a treat... (hence my silly blogger profile picture i just can't seem to shake.)
    interesting detail by stefanie. did you know about the red and black? i did not!

  3. you most certainly did not offend
    wonderful sketch~

  4. Your response to the immaculate piece of this theme is spot on- I avoided the religious aspect of Maria altogether, but I love how you took it straight on! GO girl!!
    and historically I think men have always been jealous and afraid of the creative power in women.

  5. Celine, perhaps the fault is not religion, religion is perhaps a reflection of the societies themselves, societies are male chauvinism, the religions are also male chauvinism. religions are created by humans, the gods have nothing to do with religions
    we should condemn societies.
    (I want to clarify that I am not defending any religion, I am a little religious, but I would focus where to direct the dart)
    We could interpret the theme of María (the religion) as if a woman can do anything alone, without man. This is not bad.

    If someone is offended by your picture is because he/she has a closed mind, your drawing is excellent!!

    BTW what Stefanie said about red and black clothing??? ;)))

    Did not you read "The Gospel According to Jesus" by Jose Saramago?
    is a good book.

  6. yes it is the theme and yes i agree with everything you say.
    i'm not religious, i don't mind people who are as long as they don't become dictators but they often do, and their god just becomes an excuse to dominate others, a way to money and power.

    it is said that maria is a very, very 'cleaned up' and hardly recognizable version of the ancient goddesses that were adored for creativity, fertility, sex, nature, growth,etc., so maybe that's the secret that your Maria is talking about,what it means to be woman, no matter what religion and men say or think, she is what she is,completely woman.
    and i can agree with Nadine, iconographically i like her too (not just because of the blue and your red suits me fine here;), i like to think that her calm and peaceful image is there because she knows she is strong and she is woman.

  7. I love your representation of Maria, Celine.
    I agree with Kirsten
    regarding tackling the religious angle straight on although for me, religion is a significant and relevent aspect of my life - I think I am lucky to have found a community of faith that includes strong women and doesn't cram God (goddess) into a tiny box!
    Maria forever!!! Yes!

  8. Celine this picture make my day, a strong, open mind picture, just love it!!!

    Have a great week!

  9. everything is already said here,
    in such good words and ways,
    i like your power a lot!

  10. ich mag deine zeichnung sehr. deinen worten kann ich nur zustimmen, ich dachte sofort an die hexenverbrennungen und so vieles andere, was die kirche mit frauen gemacht hat und immer noch tut. it's a shame!!
    liebe grüße schickt dir mano

  11. ok, first love the drawing!
    and as said before, i am not religious
    i agree with you
    and renilde said it as i see it
    all those strong woman!!

    thanks for joining!

    Patrice A.

  12. Großartiger starker Post! Ich mag Deine Vehemenz, mit der Du Deine Meinung vertrittst und die Kritik ist natürlich auch vollkommen berechtigt. Das Provokative in diesem Bild und Deinem Kommentar dazu sind wunderbar und gleichzeitig verfehlen sie ihre Wirkung nicht, bei einigen Menschen dürfte so etwas immer noch zu heftiger Empörung führen und allein das macht Deinen Beitrag unverzichtbar!! Grandios, weiter so, meine Liebe!

  13. Wow, I love the drawing and the choice of colours Celine. Not being Catholic but in having faith, I look at Maria in wonder that she has survived the world of fearful men. Not only has she survived, she even has them praying through her. How amazing is that! xo Carole


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