Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the fisheye view

Ever heard of Lomography? Well, I didn't untill my dad came home with a lomo-camera...

In the early 1990s a couple of students discovered a small, enigmatic Russian camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat, and created a new style of artistic experimental photography with their first unorthodoy snapshot cavortings. The approach: taking as many photographs (lomographs) as possible in the most impossible of situations possible and from the most unusual positions and then having them developed as cheaply as possible. Exhibitions, interactive projects, events and live visual performances have been the most significant forms of Lomographic communication over 12 years. The basic Lomographic idea is: be fast, don't think, be open-minded towards your enviroment, absorb everything.

You can buy the most extraordinary snapshot cameras: 4-lensed cameras, colorsplash, holga or the fisheye camera, which you can see in the first try-out photo's above.... And I must say, it's really a lot of fun. You never know what the result will be, it's a lot different then taking a picture with your digital camera.


  1. :-) funcy you are always you in photografie too, like a lot

  2. Oh I know lomography! I've wanted to try it. My father has an old Russian film camera and he made some pictures recently, but haven't developed them yet. I can't wait to see the results! If they're good, I'll share them on my blog. :)

  3. Hey, I never heard about lomography. I just looked on wikipedia
    seems interesting!
    Your photos look very good!
    Thanks for stopping by my block, you're always very friendly :))))))))

  4. Oh, oh, oh I like these and I want one now too!

  5. Hey, Celine, yesterday I left my comment here and gone! : (((((((
    ok, never mind, do not remember what I wrote, I am sending you a hug, (surely this new commentary is better than yesterday's comment :)))))))))

  6. Oh, no, now my yesterday's comment appeared! Is this a Blogger's joke? ;))))))))

  7. Looks like what I've heard called a "fish-eye" lens. I love it!

  8. O, wat leuk, ik ben dol op dit soort foto's, lijkt me erg leuk om mee te spelen :-)

  9. almost like going to the fairgrounds... visit the mirror palace... and snap!
    lovely shots, céline!


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